About the Cliefden Caves

  • Map of one of the caves

    Not all the caves are yet mapped. Flooding the caves will destroy forever all the caves of the area.

  • Internationally important fossil site

    In the 1950s, Stevens was able to show that the limestone is Ordovician age, the first recording of this age limestone in New South Wales., It is particularly rich in fossil material, further detailed mapping is now in progress, and the area has become known as one of the major fossil sites in the state.


  • Spectacular formations

    The decorations in the caves at Cliefden are truly spectacular. Caverns of beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, columns, crystals, helictites, shawls and much more.
    Flooding these caves is like resuming whaling - there are always more jobs, tourism and economic benefit in preserving, exploring and treasuring nature than destroying it!


Join our campaign to Save Cliefden Caves.


This site has been put together to respond to the outrageous proposal to construct a dam at Needles Gap on the Belubula River, NSW, which will flood the Cliefden Caves forever.


The dam proposal is as senseless and environmentally destructive as the flooding of the Pedder in Tasmania.


What YOU can do

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What the Nature Conservation Council of NSW says . . .

Nationals dam proposal takes water management back to the future

Conservation groups are astonished the NSW Government has announced plans for a new $150 million dam at a time when the federal government is spending billions of dollar returning water to the Murray-Darling Basin system.

View their full statement at



Watch this YouTube video of NSW Greens MP trying to get an answer from the government about the dam.  Nationals Duncan Gay treats this request as some sort of a joke. No wonder that the people in the Carcoar-Canowindra area are upset.


Watch this YouTube video of NSW Greens MP moving a Notice of Motion regarding the proposed dam and the flooding of the caves.


Watch this excellent interview with Denis Marsh where he outlines the devastation that flooding the area would cause.



Viable water options other than Needles Gap dam

Good letter to the editor, Central Western Daily 26-06-2014


The World-famous blue stalactite

The colour of the blue speleothems varies from very pale blue flowstone to the azure blue of stalactites and columns. They will be flooded by the proposed dam.


Eastern Horseshoe Bat

The Eastern Horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus megaphyllus) has been recorded in Cliefden Main and Transmission Caves.

The valley that will be flooded